Police Badges, Fire Fighter Badges, and Security Professional Badges

Serving the needs of professional police and fire agencies all over world, Lawman Badge continues to provide the highest quality police and fire badges available. Our unique police and fire badge designs, durability and outstanding appearance are unequaled in the industry. The widest range of services are provided for creating police and fire badges that cannot be ignored.

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Each police and fire badge speaks for itself as it stands out from all the others and never goes unnoticed. All of our resources at Lawman Badge are aimed at creating the finest police and fire badges to be found anywhere regardless of price. Each police and fire badge must look and feel distinctly refined as more than a police and fire badge. police and fire badges are emblems of professionalism, authority, distinction and quality that represents the officer wearing the badge.

You Choose Quality When You Choose Lawman Badge

  • Police and fire badges unsurpassed in design, appearance and quality
  • Custom manufactured police and fire badges specifically designed for each Police and Fire Agency
  • No pre-manufactured Police and Fire Supply or Equipment stock catalog badges
  • Order direct from manufacturer without the ‘middle man’ Police and Fire Supply Vendor
  • police and fire badges with defined specifications to meet all Police and Fire Agency Requirements
  • Guaranteed highest quality and durability for the lifetime of the police and fire badge
  • Absolute custom police and fire badge design made possible through ingenuity and creativity
  • Quality police and fire badges you can see, touch and feel. Only finest materials used
  • The BEST police and fire badges that typically cost no more than inferior police and fire badges
  • Time spent with each customer insuring their police and fire badge needs are met or exceeded

Lawman badge begins with solid design excellence drawing on the skills of designers, photographers, artists, engravers, and die makers. The distinctive excellence of every police and fire badge cannot just stand apart from the others but must ‘stand alone’ as the emblem of excellence and authority for the Police and Fire Department it represents.

Professional Police BadgesOnce the design is completed, we select the finest and most appropriate materials available to manufacture the newly designed police and fire badge. At Lawman Badge we make badges from solid metal materials of the finest quality available. Every stage of constructing the badge is closely monitored to insure quality and durability surpassing all others. The ‘finished’ police and fire badge is always the welcome result of a well laid out plan. Police and Fire Agencies no longer accept assembly line, ‘fill in your name here’ badges from Police and Fire supply stores. Thin hollow police and fire badges punched out of inferior materials and thinly plated to look like something they’re not, is no longer acceptable to Police and Fire professionals. Punched letters filled with paint can’t compare to fine jeweler’s cloisonne we call ‘hard fired enamel’.

As we dignify the badge, we dignify the Department that wears it. Once you see our quality, you’ll see why we believe that badges can ‘speak for themselves’. Words alone don’t always express what we desire. It’s better expressed by a police and fire badge of superior appearance that can be worn with pride. A police and fire badge truly distinct and set apart from all others exemplifying the true appearance of the Police and Fire professional will speak for itself.

Our specialized techniques and skilled professionals make it possible over and over every day. All of our efforts at the Lawman Badge Company are aimed at preserving the distinguished history behind the badges that are a major part of our heritage.

Professional Police BadgesLawman badge company means to preserve the tradition and integrity of every police and fire badge insuring that it will become a timeless heirloom.

If you’re looking for police and fire badges of quality, superior appearance and durability, please call us. We’ll take the time to make sure you get exactly what you need; maybe more but never less

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