Firefighter Badges, Badges For Fire Fighting Professionals

Firefighter BadgesFirefighter badges custom made for professional fire fighting personnel who want the best firefighter badge in the industry. Serving the needs of public safety professionals from all over the world, Lawman Badge Company is becoming a big name in the badge industry when it comes to quality firefighting badges. Firefighters across the nation are designing badges to define their mission, agency and professional identity. Firefighters in cities, counties and highly specialized capacities are demanding badges that exemplify their distinguished role in the protection of human lives and property against far more hazards than fire.

I have worked at the City, and County firefighter level during my 25 year career. Your badge is far and away superior to any craftsmanship we have seen. I am really impressed and that is not an easy thing for me to be.

Captain Bill Gilbert

As you look at some of the examples of our fire fighter badges and the unique designs made for firefighters, you’ll see a whole new world of firefighter badges has emerged. Here at Lawman Badge we are going about this by:

  • Firefighter badges given unique and personal design features, appearance and quality.
  • Firefighter badges unlike all others to dignify the department and it’s firefighters.
  • No pre-manufactured or stock badges off the shelf. Badges individualized every time.
  • No cheap imitation overseas firefighter badges imported to be resold in the US.
  • Highest quality manufacturing standards like firefighters are used to.
  • Quality firefighting badges that rival any other. You can see, touch and feel it.
  • Firefighter badges clearly above the rest at an affordable price for every agency.
  • Lawman badge spends time assisting each agency with designing unique badges.
  • Badges for firefighters that never go unnoticed.

Here at Lawman Badge Company we don’t want you to be fooled by our name. We make more than badges for lawmen. Our uniquely designed high quality firefighter badges rival the best police badges, sheriff badges and badges of every kind.

Our designs are all about excellence in every facet in an effort to exemplify the mission and service of all men and women dedicated to service and safety. In every way, we work to provide the emblem of distinction which will serve as a firefighter badge that stands alone and speaks for itself and person proudly wearing it.
Firefighter Badges

All firefighter badges begin with a well laid out plan of action. Firefighters no longer have any interest in the assembly line, stamped out fire badge with an eagle on top. Our push here at the Lawman Badge Company is the same as yours; professionalism, distinction, dedication and service at a level exceeding all the rest.

Please take the time to look around at the unique firefighter badges we’ve designed. Also look at our other badges and let you mind do the rest. Once you have the right idea for your agency firefighter badge, we’ll be here for you. Just the way you are there every day for those that need you. Call us, you’ll be glad you did.