Military Badges for Professionals Custom Made Military Badges

Military BadgesThe Lawman Badge Company is experiencing more demand than ever from our military professionals. The need for military police badges is not longer all that is needed. We are making badges for the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and a host of specialized government agencies such as Customs, Department of Defense, others.

Military units in Iraq and all over the US have been ordering staggering numbers of specialized badges. Canadian military units are ordering as well.

The military here in the US has recently taken on a great deal more responsibility. With our enemies not longer being confined to locations outside the US, we depend on our military for a vast variety of specialized tasks and duties.

Military Badges

Here is a photo of me and my main ‘deputies’. We’re Cavalry (yes the Army still has us), so we thought you’d get a kick out of us with our Stetsons. From left to right: Master Sergeant Russ Holt, Chief Warrant Officer Five Dana Watson, Captain Joseph McCoy, and Sergeant Clinton Lopez. Thank Dave for the pins. They were greatly appreciated along with the kind words and warm wishes. Thanks again for a great job.

CW5 Dana R. Watson – Second Armored Cavalry Regiment, Chief, Force Protection, Camp Muleskinner,Baghdad, Iraq

You can always expect more from Lawman Badge Co. than other companies:

  • Military Badges unsurpassed in design, appearance and quality.
  • Military Badges uniquely designed for the application and function of any unit.
  • No more ‘off the shelf’ old time generic standard war surplus looking badges.
  • Military badges direct from the manufacturer made to your specifications and needs.
  • All military badges are made from US materials, workmanship and US quality.
  • Quality and durability suitable for all branches and assignments requiring badges.
  • Military badges that are distinctive and of durable heavy construction.
  • Quality military badges that you can see, touch and feel all at once.
  • Special military logos, mottos, and customized badges to meet any need.

Although we are increasing production on military challenge coins, we are also experiencing quite a demand for increased distinctively designed military badges. Investigative badges, security badges, police badges, inspection badges, unit badges and a broad range of speciality badges are becoming a common thing for the military.

Our military badges are made to the same high standards which were once only demanded by law enforcement. The pride and distinction that goes with wearing a badge of authority that identifies the person displaying the badge or carrying it for identification is a prime consideration for every badge made.

Military badges once had their own look and feel but there is no longer such a thing as a ‘military badge’. They are badges of the military specialities that express authority, dedication and purpose that goes beyond the old badges of the past. No, the military is not new. The military mission however is far greater, broader and diverse than ever in out nation’s history.

Let Lawman Badge Co. provide the military badge necessary to set your unit, specialty, mission and appearance ahead of the rest. There are more professionals now than ever before and the word ‘specialist’ means more than ever before. You are the military of the future and we are your badge and challenge coin provider. Any other military badge won’t cut it.

Custom Military BadgeI am a Department of Defense/Department of Navy Police Officer and badge collector stationed in Hawaii. I just received the Naval Police, Iraqi Freedom commemorative badge that I ordered. I am very impressed with the badge, it is a true work of art. I was so impressed that I ordered two Master at Arms badges, one for a MA friend and one for my collection. You can be very proud of your product as they are high quality pieces of art. Thanks for a badge I can be proud to carry.

CW5 Dana R. Watson – Second Armored Cavalry Regiment, Chief, Force Protection, Camp Muleskinner,Baghdad, Iraq