Custom Made Police and Firefighter Badges, Absolutely the Finest Quality Available

Custom made badges of all types for Police, Sheriff, Deputy, Firefighter, Military and all other badge wearing professionals. Includes custom presentation badges and hand engraving.

Lawman Badge creates and manufactures high quality innovative badges designed for the most demanding law enforcement professionals. Whether it’s a newly designed police badge, or a Sheriff badge like no other, we are the experts for providing custom police badges to meet every law enforcement need.

There are no categories of badges for Police, Sheriff, Marshal, Constable, Security, Fire or other organizations that Lawman Badge Company has not made. Our customization is unique in the badge industry as we are able to offer the widest range of service.

  • Custom Police Badges unsurpassed in design, uniqueness and quality.
  • Police and Sheriff badges with extreme high relief and unsurpassed detail.
  • Innovative custom police badges in one, two-tone or three tone design.
  • Custom made dies for back-fill lettering to appear as the base metal.
  • Jeweler grade cloisonné fill used for lettering and color quality – this is melted glass
  • Intricate designs possible through quality dies, and high impact multiple pressing.
  • Custom Police and Sheriff badges utilizing precious metals and hand engraving.
  • Badges with non-precious metals are engraved with appearance of gold and silver.
  • Combination custom badges using dies, casting, and engraving combinations.
  • Wording, mottos, or specialized identification markings applied to reverse of badges.
  • Custom badge quality that is reliable, customizable, recognizable and GUARANTEED.

Custom Police Badges

When it comes to versatility and uniqueness of design, Lawman Badge Company can handle your request. We’ve made badges for Hollywood productions, the actual High Sheriff of Cheshire County England appointed by the Queen, a badge and buckle of a past Tombstone, Arizona Marshal appraised at over four thousand dollars and our silversmiths made a custom buckle for the Vice President of the United States. We recently completed a custom badge for Tom Petty and Tommy Lee Jones and our badges were used in ‘The Dukes of Hazard” movie. We’ve made badges for HBO productions, The Cotton Bowl in Texas and an upcoming movie with Chuck Norris as our favorite Texas Ranger.

Customer TestimonialI am a member of County Law Enforcement and have my share of badges. My son and I were working on a custom design. We finally thought we had exactly what we wanted, but after we ordered we came up with changes. We must have called and e-mailed Diane at least a dozen times with what we wanted added or deleted. Diane not only put up with us, she worked with us every step of the way. She made nothing but positive comments and suggestions and made our order feel personal.

The support was awesome! Diane is truly a wonderful person to work with. Any person who can make you feel like your order is the most important is an A+ person in my book. We finally received the finished product. The badge we ordered is very impressive and one of the finest I have ever seen. Diane Ellis and the ENTIRE Lawman Badge staff deserve praise and credit for the outstanding job they do. They are a credit to their profession. My son and I have ordered two additional badges since and are going on our third, but we are not going to stop there. We would strongly recommend this company to any collector or large scale department order. Thank you Diane!

Kyle and John Holewinski – Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Police agencies, Constables, Sheriffs, Corporate Security and individuals here and abroad have brought their requests to Lawman Badge Company. By dignifying the badge we are able to dignify the wearer and the organization as well. That’s why we’re different than the rest. We want to stand alone for quality and distinction of design in the badge industry and we are well on our way. We encourage you to browse our website and call regarding any questions you may have. Our badges have done magnificently well as spokesmen for the agencies they represent and they have proven to be great salesmen as well.